Who am I...?

I am not a seamstress and my status is "Seamstress's Granddaughter". My practical sewing started with a spontaneous visit to one of the charming fabric stores in Great Britain, where I felt like Alice in Wonderland... My mission is to combine as much as possible ecology and beauty that can come out of the needle, although I am not limited to the needle, fabric and thread. I combine the old with the new and create only as I play in my soul - and in my soul I have fire and a million inspirations


I'm getting down to work. I sew from new materials too, yes ... but I enjoy patterns made of used things. Do you know why I feel a mission?

- I use recycling for the world, for us!

- I often buy used things in charity shops. Do I have to give a reason why I feel this is good?

- I give old things a new life.

- I find real gems, special patterns that are so different from others!

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